When it's Time to Shift Gears

Inside your vehicle's transmission is a complex set of gears that makes driving possible.  These gears change the power output in ratio to the engine's R.P.M.s and this allows you to drive at a wide variety of speeds comfortably.

Much like the engine, the transmission needs oil to keep everything running smoothly.  If you have a manual transmission (stick shift), then your transmission likely uses a high-weight gear oil as a lubricant.  If you have an automatic transmission, then you use automatic transmission fluid commonly known as A.T.F.  It is important with all transmissions to maintain a healthy fluid level, and with automatic transmissions, it is especially important to make sure that the color of the fluid has not gotten too dark and dirty, which can cause poor performance and affect the life of your transmission.

At Larsen Auto Care, we can start by checking the level and color of your transmission fluid.  If the level is low, or the color is dark, this is an indication that it is time for a transmission flush.  A transmission flush involves a specialized fluid-exchange machine.  The machine taps into the vehicle's automatic transmission fluid system and does a complete exchange of all the fluid.  As the machine works, the fluid color in the transmission goes from dark brown to bright red (see below).

Old, dark, and dirty transmission fluid can leave harmful residue inside the transmission case.  Dirty fluid can cause damage to the seals that keep the transmission from leaking.  If these seals become damaged or cracked, the result can be expense transmission repair.  It is better to keep fresh fluid in the transmission to avoid this kind of damage.

Different vehicles use different types of transmission fluid.  Some have special fluid that is designed specifically for that kind of vehicle.  Our diagnostic computer system tells us if your car or truck needs a special transmission fluid, and we can order that fluid from the manufacturer.

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